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With a lot of long hours in the field (yeah, our job is rough), we have put together a list of what we consider to be the very best of the experiences to be had on Maui. The list is ever-expanding though, so let us know if there is something new you’d like to try!

Maui Kitesurfing


From the shoreline, it is an elegant dance of vibrantly colored kites over the water. From the water, it’s the feeling of the wind pulling you across the open ocean with all the speed of wake-boarding and all the freedom of paragliding.

For the memories of a lifetime, Hotel Wailea has brought kiteboarding to your doorstep with its own accredited academy. Through one-on-one instruction, our passionate instructors will unlock the secrets of this exhilarating sport and help you fine-tune your skills to harness the power of the wind and glide gracefully across Maui waters.

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What we like:

  • Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and are able pinpoint exactly what technique(s) and specific detail(s) to correct in order to get you riding.
  • One-on-one instruction allows you to learn at your own pace
  • Instructors translate their passion and keep you improving and advancing.
  • Learn with the best and latest equipment.

What to wear:

  • Swim suit, rash guard and board shorts
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses recommended – best with a strap so you don’t lose them in the water


Meet at Kiteboarding School of Maui, Inc. located at Adventure Sports Maui.

400 Hana Highway
Kahalui, HI 96732

One-on-one lesson with your instructor will take place at Kanaha Beach, also known as Kite Beach.


  • Washrooms available at meeting location
  • Porta potties at Kanaha Beach

Know Before You Go:

  • With the many complexities involved in kiteboarding, proper instruction and practice are essential in order to become an independent rider and always remain safe.
  • Upon arrival at the beach, your instructor will outfit you with all proper gear including harness, life-vest and a helmet.
  • To get the most fulfilling experience it is best to plan for several days of lessons.
  • Instructors are usually booked two weeks in advance, so to ensure a spot, it’s best to plan ahead.
  • Most desirable weather conditions on Maui generally occur April through October.

Rates/Additional Choices:
Starting at $80/hr
Pricing for lessons is dependent on length and level of lessons. Build your package you way you want it.

For skilled kiteboarders: KSMaui offers advanced lessons, and has a variety of top brand equipment available to rent or purchase.



Pull your toes from the sand (only temporarily of course) and place them upon the deck of the Ali’i Nui.

This sail is intended for pure leisure enjoyment. No you do not have to anticipate jumping in the water or putting on a snorkel mask…instead bask in a glass of sparkling wine, a specialty cocktail, or perhaps your choice of four premium scotches. Revel in a romantic evening with your other half or simply an outing with good friends.

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What we like:

  • Your choice is to mingle… or not to mingle, but definitely nibble. Everyone aboard enjoys a wide array of appetizers catered by Beach Bums Restaurant.
  • Be seated or remain standing inside the cabin to avoid winds or outside for a more breezy view. There is plenty of space and time to move around the catamaran and enjoy both.
  • The deck crew is most charming and cater to your every need. The crew brings about a jovial atmosphere, happy to make you happy, so that you have no concerns but to set eyes upon the sun setting just beyond the horizon illuminating the water and sky in an array of colors.
  • The Alii Nui sailing during sunset is ideal for picture taking moments. Don’t be shy to hand over your camera to the crew, they are most pleased to click away so you can take the memory home…they really care to take nice pictures.
  • Complimentary transportation from Hotel Wailea to and from the Harbor

What to wear:

  • Casual cocktail attire, however feel free to dress it up
  • Short flowy dresses are not recommended for ladies since it often is rather windy while sailing


300 Ma’alaea Road,
Ma’alaea Harbor

Check-in at Alii Nui Store at the Ma’alaea Harbor Shops.


  • Food and drink galore
  • Restrooms available on the sail boat

Know Before You Go:

  • Adults only, 21+
  • Limited bookings to keep catamaran from being overcrowded.
  • Possible rescheduling due to weather conditions.
  • Bring your camera or smart phone

Rates/Additional Choices:

Starting at 139.00 (including tax)
Option of prolonged dining and sailing with Royal Feast Dinner Sail



What better way to wind down a perfect day than a sunset practice to the sound of waves lapping the shore? Available as group or private sessions, beach yoga (either at sunrise or sunset) is accessible to all levels of experience, and is bound to be an experience you’ll remember forever.

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Experience at Hotel Wailea


Relive a part of Hawaiian history and walk in the footsteps of the Ali’i in this traditional Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe tour.

Your journey departs beautiful Wailea Beach in South Maui. Wailea in ancient Hawaii meant “Waters of Sacred Happiness”. Come join us for an authentic Hawaiian experience.

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Participate in traditional Hawaiian chants (oli) as you paddle your canoe (hoe wa’a) along the South Coast of Maui, taking in breathtaking views of Haleakala, West Maui Mountains, Lana’i, Kanaloa (Kaho’olawe) and Molokini. Come see the honu and honu’ea (Hawaiian Green Sea & Hawksbill turtles) and learn about the Polynesian Voyagers who sailed the Polynesian Triangle (New Zealand to Rapa Nui to Hawaii) using only celestial wayfinding. In honoring the wisdom and knowledge passed on by generations from our ancestors…we are inspired to share the values and traditions that have sustained our Hawaiian Culture in the past.

When: Every Wednesday, from 8am-9am

Where: Meet at Wailea Beach (Hotel Wailea Beach Club) by 7:50am.

Maximum capacity: 6 people

Reservations: Please be sure to sign-up at the front desk by Tuesday evening at the very latest. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Cost: Complimentary for Hotel Wailea guests

*If you would like to arrange a separate private tour, our concierge would be happy to arrange it for you. Cost is $60/person.