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Maui Spa Indulgence at Hotel Wailea Spa

Discover an enchanting Maui spa experience at the Hotel Wailea Spa. Reward yourself with soothing massages and invigorating facials from our highly-trained spa staff. Enjoy a luxurious whirlpool and dry sauna that will tantalize your senses and create harmony and peace in your body and soul. After your Maui spa treatment, relax in your ocean view suite and watch the radiant sun set into the tranquil Pacific horizon

Maui Spa Services at Hotel Wailea

Call the hotel at 808-874-0500 for Spa Wailea information and appointments.
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Each of our signature facials begins in the tradition of ancient Japanese performance arts with a unique method of cleansing and beautifying the skin first discovered by Kabuki actors and Geishas. Seeking to repair damage caused by their heavy stage makeup, these performers discovered remarkable cleansing and restorative properties in the droppings of the nightingale bird when applied directly to the skin. Special enzymes in nightingale droppings dissolve dirt while repairing and whitening damaged skin. The nightingale droppings used today at Spa Wailea are in powdered form; both texture and smell are undetectable, leaving only the essential ingredient for a flawless complexion!