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Wailea Spa Packages

Hotel Wailea Package- Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage, Deep Cleansing Facial, Foot Reflexology (120 min)

Ali’i Package - Hawaiian Salt Glow Scrub, Pohaku Massage, Pohaku Facial (180 min)

Signature Facials

Acne Treatment/Extractions – Mini facial focusing on extractions, removing white/blackheads. (30 min)

Japanese Deep Cleansing – Deep cleansing facial using nightingale powder and azuki bean extract; natural enzymes will remove dead skin and excessive oil from pores. (50/80min)

Power Paraffin – Power paraffin nourishes and softens skin. A powerful Vitamin C serum with extracts of green tea is applied and followed by a warm gentle paraffin mask, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (50/80min)

Ginseng and Pearl – A gentle exfoliating peel followed by a soft mask of ginseng and pearl powder. Hydrating and rejuvenating. Also offers a lightening affect on the skin. Excellent for all skin types. (50/80min)

Dong Kwai – Improves metabolism and increases blood circulation. Great for dry, dehydrated or mature skin. (50/80min)

Men’s Revitalizing – Facials are not just for women – this stimulating facial awakens your skin’s natural vitality. Pressure Point massage of face, neck and head included. (50/80min)

Jet Lag Pick Me Up – Relaxing treatment for your tired muscles. Includes a soothing neck and shoulder massage. So heavenly! (50/80min)

Specialty Facials

Oxygen Facial – Skin is infused with oxygen, which thoroughly cleanses pores, increases blood circulation and lightens hyperpigmentation. Good for all skin types, except those with sensitive skin (50/80min)

Intensive Firming – This treatment dramatically renews firmness and elasticity while providing deep penetrating hydration. Organic ingredients provide remineralizing benefits. Ideal for mature/sun damaged skin. (50/80min)

Pohaku Facial – Deep cleansing facial to remove dead skin cells with a relaxing facial massage using warmed Hawaiian stones. All skin types (50/80 min)

Back Facial – For breakouts and acne on the back. All skin types (50/80 min)

Waxing Services

Facial Waxing - Eyebrow shaping, eyebrow clean-up, lip, chin

Body Waxing – Leg, full leg, arms, underarms

Massage Services

Wailea Special – A combination of the following styles of massage to best suit your personal preferences and needs: LOMILOMI (Hawaiian style), EUROPEAN, REFLEXOLOGY. This massage is usually medium to firm pressure, although it can be done with a lighter pressure if you prefer. (50/80 min)

Lomilomi – The “hula” of massage uses ancient Hawaiian traditional long forearm stokes,  done in a rhythmic dance like the waves of the ocean, to induce deep relaxation. Medium to firm pressure. (50/80 min)

European – Swedish, German- mostly flat hand, long strokes, or kneading strokes. Lightest in pressure among massage styles. Best massage for guests seeking a relaxation massage. (50/80 min)

Shiatsu – Pressure applied to points on the body (meridians) with palms, fingers and thumbs to release tension from the muscles; increases blood circulation and energy. Pressure tends to be firm to deep, but can be done in a medium to light pressure if you prefer. Massage is applied through Yukata robe without oil. (50/80 min)

Sports – Whether performed after golf to ease sore muscles, or before to improve your score, neuro-muscular and trigger point therapy, as well as assisted stretching, helps reduces muscular soreness. Medium to firm pressure. (50/80 min)

Reflexology – Pressure is applied to specific points on the hands and feet. Each point pertains to a different organ of the body, or anatomy (area) of the body. Medium pressure. (50/80 min)

Hawaiian Pohaku (Hot Stone) – Heated smooth stones (pohaku in Hawaiian) are used with Lomilomi massage techniques. Pohaku carry heat deep into the muscles and joints, inducing relaxation and healing. Pressure can vary according to your preference. (50 min)


Specialized Massage

Sports/Shiatsu – Personalized for the athlete. Ideal for golfers; to prepare for play, or to rejuvenate the body after a day on the course. (50/80 min)

Therapeutic/Shiatsu - Reduces pain and swelling. Benefits the rehabilitation of muscle, tendon and joint injuries. (50/80 min)

Post Travel Therapy – Air travel shortens and tightens the muscles in the entire body. This session will loosen and lengthen your body and help your body readjust to Hawaiian time. (50/80 min)

Lomi/Shiatsu - A combination of finger pressure massage with a Hawaiian flair. (50/80 min)

DEEP Therapeutic Combo – If you are interested in DEEP work, this is the perfect treatment for you. Choice of 2 techniques will be combined to best suit your personal needs. (Excluding Pohaku)

In-Suite or Gazebo Stream Massages are available at an additional charge.
Spa services are subject to change.