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SUP Yoga
Wellness Warriors
Take your yoga to new depths with this watery practice. With boards that are designed specifically for yoga - with ultimate balance and stability in mind - classes are accessible to students of all levels of both yoga and paddling.
Floating Sound Baths
Wellness Warriors
Cocoon yourself in a silk hammock and become immersed in the healing powers of sound and vibration. For thousands of years, sound has been utilized in various cultures as a tool for healing. Vibrational sound healing creates a deep sense of relaxation, inner awareness and well-being.
Aerial Silks
Wellness Warriors
Learn some fundamental techniques of Aerial Silks in this private session in the Wellness Studio. Fly solo or dance with your partner!
Serenity Sound Bath
Wellness Warriors
Envelope yourselves in healing vibrational tones during an intimate, improvised sound session. Sacred metal Tibetan singing bowls will be played around the body and placed on the heart/sacral chakras for vibrational healing. Let us transform your suite into a sound temple!
Aerial Yoga
Wellness Warriors
Aerial Yoga combines traditional mat yoga with postures that are suspended partially or fully in the air by a soft silk hammock.
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